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In all five continents of the world there are devotees who adorably worship their guru Sri Prabhakara siddha yogi in their hearts. With the aim of bringing all the devotees under one umbrella we are in the process of forming the Akhilaloka Sri Shiva Prabhakara Siddha Dharma Pracharana Bhaktha Jana Kshema Trust so that every creature on the face of this earth shall have the divine grace of Bhagvan deservingly.

Omallur, is now growing as a world pilgrim center. Lord Sri Dharma Sastha Bhaghavan Sree Ayyappan in order to clear his doubts and for advice came to great Rishi Pulinayaka Swamiyar who lived in Pulippara (tiger rock). Omallur also houses the tombstone of Rev. Bhava Thirumeni, so it also known as world-renowned Christian pilgrim center also. It is the land of Sree Rakthakandeswaram temple and Sri Prabhakara siddha yogi’s Mahasamadhi Mandapam shrine. This place has been blessed with footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, Matha Amrithanand Mayi who is respected all over the world as the holy mother, Karuvatta Swami, all swami’s of the Sankaracharya Peedom and flying Swami (Sri Vishnu Devand). Swami had people from all religions, cast and creed as his followers. Mahama Bhagvan Sri Prabhakara Siddha Yogi had considered the entire human race, as one. Swamiji was the oldest among the great Sanyasis of the world.

Field trading (“Vayal Vanibham”) was famous and popular in old Travancore state was a specialty in Omallur. Farmers who lived on the hills, after their harvest used this field trade (“Vayal Vanibham”) festival to sell their products and buy their requirements for the coming year. Even today this trade is celebrated under the responsibility of Omallur Village Panchayat and the people.

Prabhakara Siddha Yogi was born in Akavoor Mana, as the son of Sri Iravi Narayanan Namboothiri of Akavoor Mana in Chowara near Alwaye and Srimathi Gowri Antharjanam of famous Azhvancherry Mana of Malabar in 1263. Meenam, Pururuttathy, was his birth star.

HE was said to be the re-incarnation of Pulinayaka Swamiyar. According to mythology Pulinayaka Swamiyar had migrated to Kailas with Lord Ayyapa. According to scriptures if one is born on the earth he must obtain samadhi on earth itself. Bhagvan took birth in Akavoor Mana in 1263 for this very purpose. When he was nine years old Lord Shiva, disguised as a Goswami came to Akavoor Mana and took Prabhakara to a cave in the Himalayas. Prabhakara was taught hatha yoga pranayama etc. It is said that, afterwards, Goswami merged into Prabhakara, he applied the lessons he learned in to his life. He adopted this human form and lived on this earth for 723 years. He lived thirty years with Nathakuzhiyil Janardhanan Nair, his “Manasaputhran” and accomplice in previous birth, at Sidhashramam in Pulippara hill, Omallur, which was also his residence in his previous birth. On April 6th 1986, exactly on the fall of his birth star Pururuttathy, Bhaghavan attained Mahasamadhi.

Matha Amrithananda Mayi came to Nathakuzhy House and spent few days there as per the order from Prabhakara Siddha Yogi and received advices and directions. Prabhakara Siddha Yogi was known by many names in different places during his lifetime. In Tamil Nadu he was known as Pambatti siddhan.

From Pathanamthitta district headquarters, if one travels 3kms through either Pathanamthitta-Pandalam, Pathanamthitta-Adoor road one can reach, Omallur Sri Rakthakandeshwaram Temple. If one reaches the Omallur temple junction, anybody will tell the way to Samadhi. If one reaches the Govt. Ayurveda hospital, through the road on the northern side of temple junction they will find a road, west of Govt. Ayurveda Hospital through which they can reach the Mahasamadhi temple of Jagat Guru.

Mahasamadhi Mandapa and the corridor on its front correspond to the Hagadh Guru’s Charisma. On the northern side is the “Vana Durga Temple” popularly known as “Pulippara Amma”. In order to develop the vast land here, substantial money is required for road and electricity also.

This is a place of worship for all religions. Any person irrespective of religion has full freedom to mediate and to offer silent prayers. Anyone can put down his/her bag of worries and if he/she pray for something after offering “Guru Dakshina” he will be rewarded with what he has asked for, which has been the experience of many people who have visited and prayed here. Mother nature has blessed this place generously. A visitor who comes once to this place will re-visit this place again and again, which is only a miraculous truth. To develop this World Pilgrimage Center and for convenience of the devotees who came to visit this place, co-operation and help is needed from good-hearted people.

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