Monday, March 2, 2009

Sathyananda saraswathy

Birth: September 25,1935 at Andoorkonam village Thiruvananthpuram

Darshan of Lord Krishna at the age of 9.

Excellent student,competent teacher,gifted poet,orator par excellence,social activist and promotor of classical arts.

Summoned to the ashram by Gurupadar.The Guru-Shishya relationship between them was a living experience and expression of the classical definition in Guru Geetha

Guru spoke very little and communicated through symbolism and eye-movements;the ever-attentive disciple fulfilled every duty in an impeccable manner.

Took the reigns of a humble institution and single -handedly built it into an organization of international significance.

Observed extreme hardship and penance for fourteen years and realized the Divine Mother.

At Her Divine command stepped out of the ashram to spearhead the Dharma samara against conversion,false propaganda and distortion of truth by the proselytizing religion and the communists.

A unique confluence of the four paths;Jnana Yoga,Bhakti Yoga,Raja Yoga and Karma Yoga.

AVeritable treasure of spiritual wisdom and ecstatic devotee of the Divine Mother, a yogi par excellence and the greatest Karma Yogi to uphold Sanathana Dharma since Swami Vivekananda.

Restorer of numerous old temples,consecrator of new ones across the globe.

Founder of more than 13 institutions in India and abroad;establishment of Kutumba Samithis in 1980;organization of Acharya Sameeksha and Jyotiprayana in 1985.

Founder Chairman,Hindu Unity Forum;Executive member Kendra Marg Darshak Mandal and Rama Janmabhoomi Nyas Manch.

Progenitor of the Harivarasanam Project at Sabarimala.

Visionary behind Punnyabhoomi; International Sanathana Daily(A World Hindu Newspaper).

Hitherto unparalled Sathakoti Archana(1 Billion chants) in 2000 to commemorate the centenary of Brahmasree Neelakanta Gurupadar.

Dwi-Sathakoti Archana(2 Billion chants) at Sri Kshetra,Narayanpur,nera Pune.

Delivered the keynote address at the World Hindu Conference 2000,Port of Spain,Trinidad and Tobago,in August 2000.

Led the Indian delegates in the sessions on Elimination of Poverty at the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations ,in August 2000.

Inspired the formation of Kerala Hindus of North America aimed at integrating the future generations with their cultures and provided Divine patronage;inaugurated the first,second and third biennial National Conventions of Kerala Hindus of North America at Dallas(2001),Houston(2003) and Chicago(2005).

Sree Ramanavami Rathayatra since 1989 covering the southern states;Sree Rama Navami Hindu maha Sammelan at Thiruvananthapuram since 1991.

Jyotikshetram--Swamiji's Vision

A circular light forms through the horizon.It lights up keeping the sky as the background at the place where the sky joins the sea.Like keeping a lot of lighted lamps,lamps that lightup without movement.To this side of the lights there,are more lights,like the lights of a chuttambalam,that reaches upto the horizon.I remain at the center and envision the lights around me.Then the lights will reach unto the horizon.The sanctum sanctorum at the center is Myself. This is the Jyotikshetram.Countless lights lightup in it.countless number of Jeevathmas are there; these lights represent them.Accepting the divinity of gurutvam of these,each Jeevathma is represented by each light,total representation of the jeevathmas ,centralised ,is it's lamp.That is the reason why it is brought from the respective holy places.Without depending on holy places or holy concepts no jeevathma can rise to the Paramathma level.The Chuttambalam around symbolises prayer.This is the pradikshina patham for our jeevea to enquire about the concept of God that stretches upto the limits of the horizon It is an external expression or symbol to realize that this is all pervading.There is a horizon in our mind.That horizon is the end of all expansions.It is chaithanya that is the basis for arriving that far.Otherwise it will not expand to that extent.While expanding, again,what we perceive when we arrive is saturated with the chaithanya of the same great souls or Guru tradition.Thus the expansion from the state of mind to Chaithanya,when it reaches the limits of the horizon,the universe exists only within that.The Universe exists only within the horizon of cogniscence,including the Sun.what is exhibited here is a symbol of that.

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