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sree Narayana Guru

Narayana Guru was born in the year 1854 AD at Chempazhanthy, in the suburb of the city of Trivandrum, the present capital of Kerala State, India. In those days Trivandrum was the capital of a princely state called Travancore. Before Travancore came under the hegemony of the Maharaja Marthanda Varma there were eight feudal chiefs who were politically powerful and opposed to the ruling prince. One such chief was of Chempazhanthy. Narayana Guru's father was Madan Asan and his mother was Kutti Amma. He was the only son of his parents in the family of Vayalvaram, of which a small cottage is still remaining next to a Bhagavati Temple called Manakkal. Even though Madan Asan was not rich, he was of moderate means. His title, Asan, shows that he was looked upon with respect by his villagers. It is not known if he was a teacher. It is likely that Nanu, as Narayana Guru was called by his parents, learnt Tamil, Malayalam, and Sanskrit from his father.

In the days of Narayana Guru the most vital information everyone wanted to know of another person was his caste. This may look ridiculous to the present generation, but no one thought so in those days. Everybody wanted to know caste and everyone revealed his caste also as a matter of course

1854Birth - Vayalvaram House, Chempazhanthi, Trivandrum. Parents named him Narayanan but called him Nanu
1860-71Basic Education started under Chempazhanthi Pillai. Till age 17, education and Farming
1872-77Stayed in Trivandrum and learned Tamil language and literature
1877-79Went to Karunagapally for higher education; stayed at Varanappally . Kummampalli Raman Pillai Asan was the teacher
1879Came back to Chempazhanthi
1881Started a school at Anchuthengu; Nanu became Nanu Asan
1882Marriage to Kaliamma
1882-84Started to wander around - visited Maruthuvamala and Aruvippuram
1884Death of Father - Madanasan
1884-87Left the home. Chattambi Swami introduced Nanu Asan to Thaikkattu Ayyavu Swami and learned Yoga from him. Spent time in Meditation and travel
1888Installed Sivalinga at Aruvippuram
1891Kumaranasan meets Guru
1893Conditioning of Aruvippuram Temple affairs
1895Guru's journey to Bangalore accompanied by Kumaranasan
1898Started Aruvippuram Temple meeting: known as Vavoottu Sangham
1903Wrote 'Atmopadesa Satakam'. The establishment of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam
1904Guru exempted from appearing in the court. The first anniversary of SNDP Yogam, Guru presided the meeting. Presided the meeting at Paravur (Kollam) against bad customs in society
1905Started a evening school, at Vettoor near Varkala, for Parayas
1907C. Krishnan and Kallingal Rarichan Mooppan and C. Krishnan invited Guru to Malabar and Guru went to Malabar
1908Installation of Sree Jagannatha Temple Idol at Thalaserry
1909Traveled to Mangalore. Founded Kudroli Gokarnatheshwara Temple at the request of Billava community
1910Founded Sreekanteswara Temple, Kozhikode
1911Founded Sree Sundareswara Temple at Kannur. Stoppage of 'Kettu Kalyanam' (an unnecessary marriage ceremony) at Karimkulam
1912Installation of Godes Sharada at Sivagiri
1914Reception at Keralyeeya Nair Meeting, Kottayam
1915Establishment of the Adwaita Ashramam at Aluva
1916Started school at Adwaita Ashramam. Went to Thiruvannamalai and visited Ramana Maharshi. Wrote 'Mananamala' and 'Municharya Panchakam'. Celebrated 60th birthday. Went to Madras accepting Justice Sadasiva Iyer's and Justice Krishnan's invitation
1917Stayed at Adwaita Ashramam
1918Journey to Ceylon. Stayed 12 days there and visited many places
1820Installation of the 'lighted lamp' in the Karamukku Temple
1921Installed a slab at Murukkumpuzha Temple with the words: "Sathyam (Truth), Dharmam (Ethics), Daya (Compassion), Sneham (Love)"
1922Rabindranath Tagore came to Varkala and visited Guru. Mahakavi Kumaranasan died on January 16
1924The All Religious Confrence at Aluva. The Vaikom Sathyagraham; Guru visited Vaikom
1925Mahatma Ghandhi visited Guru at Varkala. Guru appointed Swami Bodhananda as his successor. Diwan Watts came to Sivagiri and visited Guru
1926Second journey to Ceylon
1927Installation of a 'Mirror' as the idol at Kadavamkodam Temple
1928The Dharma Sangham rgistered
1928Illness started when Guru was at Vaikom Velloor Madam. The Samadhi at 3pm, on September 20

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