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Ramgopal Majumdar,The sleepless saint

Ramgopal majumdar
Ram Gopal Muzumdar called the Sleepless Saint. He lived in Ranbajpur, near Tarakeswar (West Bengal). Hindus believe that this place can miraculously heal people, just like the Catholics believe in Lourdes of France. This saint was always awake in an ecstatic consciousness. For 20 years, he had been mediating 18 hours a day. Then he moved to a isolated caves near West Bengal, where he practised Kriya Yoga daily for 20 hours for 25 years.
The saint was more rested by the complete calmness of his 'super consciousness' than it could have been possible in his ordinary subconscious state. "The muscles relax during sleep; but the heart, lungs and circulatory system are constantly at work; they get no rest." In 'super consciousness', all internal organs remain in a state of suspended animation, electrified by the cosmic energy. By such means "he found it unnecessary to sleep for years".
Sleepless Saint with Babaji
At sometimes Ram Gopal left his isolated cave and sat at the feet of Lahiri Mahasaya in Varanasi. One midnight, as Ram Gopal was silently meditating with a group of Mahasaya's disciples, the master made a surprise request.

"Ram Gopal," he said, "go at once to the Dasasamedh bathing ghat." He soon reached the secluded spot. The night was bright with moonlight and glittering stars. He sat in patient silence for a while; his attention was drawn to a huge stone slab near his feet. It rose gradually, revealing an underground cave. As the stone became stationary, held up by some unknown means, the draped form of a young and surpassingly lovely woman rose from the cave in the air. Surrounded by a soft halo, she slowly descended in front of him and stood motionless, steeped in ecstasy. She finally stirred, and spoke gently.

"I am Mataji, the sister of Babaji. I have asked Babaji and also Lahiri Mahasaya to come to my cave tonight to discuss about why Babaji does not want to retain his physical form in this world."

Ram Gopal then found a nebulous light floating rapidly over the Ganga; the strange luminescence was reflected in the opaque waters. It appeared by the side of Mataji and condensed instantly into the human form of Mahasaya. He bowed humbly at the feet of the woman saint.

Before Ram Gopal could recover from the surprise, a flaming whirlpool approached the group and materialised into the form of a beautiful youth, Babaji.

Mataji then asked Babaji why it was that he wanted to shed his physical form. Though Babaji said, "What is the difference if I wear a visible or an invisible wave on the ocean of my spirit?
Mataji quickly replied that in that case he might as well retain his physical form as it did not in any way matter to him.

Babaji told his sister "the Lord has spoken His own wish through your lips", and said he would never leave his physical body. "It will always remain visible to at least a small number of people", his devoted disciples.

Ram Gopal returned to the group of disciples around Mahasaya at dawn. "I am happy for you, Ram Gopal. Your desire to see Babaji and Mataji, which you have often expressed to me, has found at last wondrous fulfilment," said Mahasaya.

Ram Gopal was amazed to learn from a disciple that Mahasaya had not stirred from the dais since the time he had left the group - around midnight till dawn!

"For the first time I realised the truth in the scriptural verses which state that a man of self-realisation can appear at different places in two or more bodies at the same time," concludes Ram Gopal mazumdar.

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    OM Yoga raajaaya vidmahe Mahaa yogaaya dheemahi
    Thanno kriyaa yogaa prachodayat.

    Heavenly Father, Divine Mother Gayathri, Param Guru Premavatar Mahavatar Babaji and Sadgurus of all religions we bow to you all. Babaji, bless me, love me, protect me, guide me forever and forever. Babaji, be with us, bless us, guide us and make us as perfect kriyabans by sowing the seeds of divine love, joy, peace, prosperity, friendship, kindness and success in our hearts forever and forever and wake up us from maha maya. Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhihi.

    Invite pure bright white light within your body, mind and soul

    4) Pure, bright white light flowing through me is purifying apus, pridhvi, vayu, tejas, akash, my home and all of my past, present, future bad karmas and around me upto 10000 Maintain stillness. Then say within as I am succeeding in all of my efforts, I am very happy, prosperous and peaceful now.

    PRAY FOR OTHERS : At the end of the meditation pray for 5 minutes as …

    “Heavenly Father, bless me and all of us, our family members, all friends, relatives, all soulmates, ATMAS, soldiers, our country and all children of Babaji provide us the most peaceful life with all comforts and enough resources and wipe out all negative forces and vulgar culture forever and forever” …

    from the depth of your heart. At the end recite above prayers and say Sarveshaam Santhir Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Poornam Bhavatu. Language is not a barrier. Purity of heart is required.. Understand the true nature of Divine Will, Free Will and acquire at Will and selection of soulmates by God. To follow the footsteps of God follow “Will of God” only.

    Kriyaban J