Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swami Kevalananda giri

Swami kevalananda giri
Another great yogi's life revealed through Paramahamsa yogananda's Autobiography of a yogi.
Kevalananda,Discipline of Lahiri mahasaya was yogananda's beloved Sanskrit teacher.It was described in autobiography of a yogi that after mukunda (childhood name of paramahamsa yogananda) caught by his parents during his himalayan journey in search of his Guru, His father arranged him a Sanskrit teacher 'Kevalananda' to fullfil his spiritual thurst.But instead of helping mukunda to be a master in Sanskrit kevalananda really awaked his Spiritual thurst more at Autobiography of a yogi.How much times i dont know, i read that book!!"Autobiography of a yogi".Yogananda explains his beloved teacher' as innocent childish yogi.Their evening classes were not so intented to learn difficult sanskrit grammer but inspirational spiritual talks and all helped yogananda to build a strong basis in his Spiritual life.

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