Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nagendranath Bhaduri; Bhaduri mahasaya

Nagendra nath Bhaduri
Nagendra nath Bhaduri,The Levitating Saint was named as Bhaduri Mahasaya by his beloved disciplines. Mukunda(paramahamsa yogananda) was a daily visitor of this yogi during his college days in Calcutta. Bhaduri mahasaya was an extra-ordinary expert in hatha yoga, when he practices Bhastrika pranayama(type of pranayama where breathing done in power and pace) there would be a feeling of a storm in that room.When he practices some yoga kriya he himself would goes up and stayed in air!.Bhaduri mahasaya always stayed at home and he merely went out of home. He allowed only few visitors and usually loved loneliness. But yogananda always allowed to visit him without permission, that much he loved the young yogi(paramahamsa yogananda).After college yogananda used to visit Bhaduri mahasaya. Bhaduri mahasaya used to teach yogananda many spiritual things. He had known what yogananda's life intend to and once he adviced yogananda "Son, go to America. Take the dignity of hoary India for your shield. Victory is written on your brow; the noble distant people will well receive you."God made his words tue and yogananda completed his life intention.
Bhaduri mahasaya was born in a rich family and he left all his wealth and lead a spiritual life.Read about him at The Levitating Saint


  1. We always have to respect the Great GURUs who taught many things for the bringing East and West together as well as for the betterment of humans.


    OM Yoga raajaaya vidmahe Mahaa yogaaya dheemahi
    Thanno kriyaa yogaa prachodayat.

    Heavenly Father, Divine Mother Gayathri, Param Guru Premavatar Mahavatar Babaji and Sadgurus of all religions we bow to you all. Babaji, bless me, love me, protect me, guide me forever and forever. Babaji, be with us, bless us, guide us and make us as perfect kriyabans by sowing the seeds of divine love, joy, peace, prosperity, friendship, kindness and success in our hearts forever and forever and wake up us from maha maya. Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhihi.

    Invite pure bright white light within your body, mind and soul

    4) Pure, bright white light flowing through me is purifying apus, pridhvi, vayu, tejas, akash, my home and all of my past, present, future bad karmas and around me upto 10000 Maintain stillness. Then say within as I am succeeding in all of my efforts, I am very happy, prosperous and peaceful now.

    PRAY FOR OTHERS : At the end of the meditation pray for 5 minutes as …

    “Heavenly Father, bless me and all of us, our family members, all friends, relatives, all soulmates, ATMAS, soldiers, our country and all children of Babaji provide us the most peaceful life with all comforts and enough resources and wipe out all negative forces and vulgar culture forever and forever” …

    from the depth of your heart. At the end recite above prayers and say Sarveshaam Santhir Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Poornam Bhavatu. Language is not a barrier. Purity of heart is required.. Understand the true nature of Divine Will, Free Will and acquire at Will and selection of soulmates by God. To follow the footsteps of God follow “Will of God” only.

    Kriyaban J