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Sree Chattambi Swamikal

Sree Chattambi Swamikal

SREE VIDYADHIRAJA, PARAMA BHATTARAKA CHATTAMBI SWAMIKAL was a great guru and realised soul like ancient Irishes, belived to be an incarnation of Lord Siva. Being a highly enlightened soul, Swamiji had not only introduced a number of persons through out Kerala and outside to spirituality but also protected and strengthened Sanathan Dharma and ancient Indian Culture. He initiated number of spiritual seekers through out Kerala and outside to various methods of spiritual practices. Swamiji was also a social reformer and worked hard to free the society from blind beliefs and useless rituals. Swamiji made through studies in the spiritual field with an emphasis to Vedas and also in history, language and literature, philology and linguistics and in various other subjects.

Chattambi Swamikal was a Saint more aptly described as an Avadoodha lived in between 1853-1924, was a scholar with a multi-talented personality and his divine powers were famous in all around the state of Kerala. When the Saint went to ' Maha samadhi' [gave-up the mortal body], the body was buried in the conventional religious system of 'Samadhi' and the 'Samadhistanam' became a temple with an Asramam for service and spiritual practises.

An outline of Sree Vidyadhiraja Paramabhattaraka Chattambi Swamikal's life

The lives of saints and sages have always been a source of inspiration to all seekers after Truth.

Boyhood: Sree Chattambi Swamikal was born in 1853 at Thiruvananthapuram. His parents were Vasudeva. Sharma (a brahmin) and Nanga Devi. Among his ancestors there were great scholars, saints and siddhas. He was christened Ayyappan, but was known by his pet name Kunjan. He spent his childhood in and around Kollur brahmin house and temple, where his mother did odd jobs.

Education: Even though Kunjan was a child prodigy, poverty prevented him from getting any formal education till he was ten. He learnt Tamil and Sanskrit from the palm leaves thrown out of a school. He used to overhear the Sanskrit classes conducted by a Sastrikal for brahmin boys. Impressed by the high standard of Kunjan, the teacher admitted him to his class. His high proficiency in Sanskrit helped him to join the school of a great scholar. He made the brilliant senior boy his Chattambi (Monitor). This appellation stuck to him and he is known by it. Penury compelled him to discontinue his studies there.

In Search of a Job: Kunjan worked as an accountant, a casual labourer, a scribe (document writer), an advocate’s clerk and as an accountant in Govt, service. Unsatisfied by all these jobs he joined an organization where religious topics were discussed and music and mathematics lessons were taught

Thirst For Knowledge: Swaminatha Desiker, a Tamil Lecturer, taught him Tamil Vedanta and grammar. Elathur Ramaswami Sastrikal was happy to teach him higher lessons in Sanskrit. Subbajadapatikal, the great saintly scholar, took the boy with him to Tamil Nadu and taught him all he knew in Tamil and Sanskrit. On his way back home Kunjan visited many holy places, temples and received blessings from many sages and siddhas. He could learn different arts and languages. He was 27 years old when he returned home.

Spiritual Practices and Sainthood: Kunjan used to do temple visits, japa and meditation even from his childhood. At the age of 14, a sannyasi initiated him into Bala Subrahmonya Mantra, which confers everything one desires. He recited the mantra lakhs of times and was known as S

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