Saturday, March 28, 2009

divine mother

Unborn and Beginningless,Unfathomable infinite! remote.inapprehensible by mortals,Thou art near and dear to them in thine aspect of form and finitude-Mother nature.Through her starry eyes man may gaze into the threshold of thine innocent mystery. O Lady of loveliness! Thy vast skyey garments are ever, never the same:tender glow of dawn, dazzling days of midday,transitional tones of dusk, and enigma veil of darkness. I glaze raptly on thy face, blazing by day with suns vital power and bestowing by night soothing moonbeam glances.I mix my breath with thine in the heaving winds.I feel thy cosmic energy in the pulse my being, and hear Thy footsteps in tread of all creatures. I watch thy hands at work in the laws of gravitation; and reflect awstruck, on Thyne activities in electromagnetic waves. Ibehold the pores of the skies perspiring with Thy strenuous life, showering the potent rains; and see Thy blodstream flowing red in the veins of men, crystel clear in brooklets, and transparent blue in oceans. O voice of silent spirit, O devine ventriloquist Thine echoes come to me in the sound of blown conchs, the drum beat of marching seas, the gossip of birds, and the secret hum of vibrations. Orientwise with dueful ceremony i worship the, O GODDESS OF ENDLESS GIVING! In the temple of my mind i ring bells of harmony, place on the altar flowers of devotion, and set alight blessed thought candles and incense of love. O my cosmic idol, diademed with the rainbow, garlanded with stringed pearls of the milkyway, and wearing on thy fingures diamonds of glittering planets, to Thee i bow.. I love you amma..

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