Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sage Bharadwaj was one of the greatest sages the world had seen. He was father of Ayurveda medicinal system. He wrote a book on “Vaimanika Sastra” (Aircraft Technology) several thousand years ago. Shusheela was his wife. Garga Muni and Katyayani were his children. Sage Atreya Punarvasu was his disciple.
He was father of Ayurveda learnt it from Indra and taught to his disciple Sage Atreya Punarvasu who in turn taught this knowledge to Sage Angiras and others
His treatise on aircraft technology is called “Vimanika Sastra” wherein he explained about various types of Aircrafts, their construction methods and development of materials, several thousand years before Wright Brothers. He wrote the Yantra Sarvasva, which covers astonishing discoveries in aviation and space sciences, and flying machines - well before Leonardo DaVinci's time. Some of his flying machines were reported to fly around the earth, from the earth to other planets, and between universes. His designs and descriptions have left a huge impression on modern-day aviation engineers. He also discussed how to make these flying machines invisible by using sun and wind force. Viman Shastra speaks of 31 kinds of machines and their specific places in the plane
Maharshi Bharadwaja discovered different types of light ray.
In ramayana,ramlakshman and sita visits bharadwaja maharshis asram.And they went to chitrakuda(forest),taking his advise to kill asuras.

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