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Avvaiyar was a Tamil Saiva saint and bhaktha lived in South India , was an ardent devotee of Sri Ganesha. Since childhood, her seeking was tremendous, and when her parents started seeking alliance for her marriage, she deeply prayed to Sri Ganesha, to transform her form to that of an old lady, and immediately, Sri Ganesha blessed her with an old form.

Since then, she continued to spread the Divine message. Her messages were well received by the kings of Sangam period, and many times brought peace to warring states, by her wise words.

Many have been her works, including some for children, to shape their character.

In her spiritual pursuits, she has been blessed many a time by Shiva ,Sakthi,Ganesha and Karthikeya. The outpourings as a result of such divine darshans provide a guidance to ardent seekers, in their quest to know the Truth.

Lord murugan tested her ego in many the case of Avvaiyar too, many were the plays and tests the Divine played .

Here is a beautiful test that Shri Karthikeya played , to test her Ego.

While Avvaiyar was traveling inside a forest, Shri Karhikeya, appeared as a small boy, sitting on top of a tree laden with sweet fruits. Avvaiyar was passing by the tree, and her mind was engrossed in some deep thoughts and she never saw this boy who was up the tree.

The boy called Avvaiyar, and asked her whether she wanted any of the tasty fruits, which he was ready to pluck and throw to her.

Avvaiyar asked the boy not to disturb her as she was introspecting on some high divine aspects and thoughts

The boy persisted in his request and asked her whether she wanted the fruits , Hot or Cold . Avvaiyar got irritated when she heard this request of this boy, and asked him, how a fruit which was in the tree could be Hot or Cold.

Avvaiyar half heartedly said to the boy to throw to her , a Cold fruit. The boy with a trick in mind deliberately threw the fruit, not into her hand, but on a heap of sand nearby

Avvaiyar, angrily went to the spot where the fruit fell , picked it up, and with her mouth blew the sand which was sticking on the fruit.

On seeing this act of Avvaiyar, the boy mischeivously asked her , whether the fruit was Hot, to which she replied in the negative. The boy asked her why she was blowing the fruit to cool it , if it was not hot.

Suddenly Avvaiyar realized that this boy was no ordinary human, and Karthikeya revealed to her His Divine Form. Avaaiyar , fell at the feet of Karthikeya and thanked Him for making her realize and see her Ego. Avvaiyar prayed to Karthikeya to remove the Ego , which was a hindrance to her path of Ascent.

Many other wonderful incidents happened in her life and many miracles occurred by her prayer to the Divine

Avvaiyar,an ardent devotee of Shri Ganesha, performed pujas to him.She heard that Sundarar , another Shiva devotee had started to Kailash. Avvaiyar too wanted to join him and reach Kailash, the abode of Shiva.

With this thought in mind, she started performing Sri Ganesh Puja in a hurried manner. Sri Ganesha appeared before her and asked her why she was performing the puja to Him in a hurried manner today. Avvaiyar replied that Sundarar had started for Kailash and that she wanted to join him and thus was performing her puja a hurried manner.

Sri Ganesha said to Avvaiyar to perform puja to Him in a slow manner with full involvement and one mindedness and promised her that at the end of the puja , He will take her to Kailash before everyone. Avvaiyar performed the puja with full faith and as promised at the end of the puja , Sri Ganesha , lifted her up and took her to Kailash .(The real meaning is Sri Ganesha revealed to her Kundalini Yoga , and made her reach Sahasrara , to merge with the Divine couple ( Sada Shiva and Adi Sakthi). Having experienced the Divine Yoga ( Kundalini Yoga) , Avvaiyar rendered VINAYAKA AGAVAL , explaining the Divine form of Shri Ganesha, and how Ganesha came to her in the form of a mother and showered Grace , revealing Kundalini Yoga and she also beautifully explains the functioning of the chakras, nadis and the Kundalini instrument and blessing of this Supreme Yoga.

Mataji united with lord ganesha

“This chaitanya has many aspects . In Shri Ganesha, specially, it is auspiciousness. Everything that emits vibrations (Chaitanya) is SHUDH and whatever does not is not auspicious. So whatever you worship or accept has to be auspicious. Every shape has a coefficience and all the shapes do not necessarily give vibrations. We take Shri Ganesha as granted. We do not understand that we have to awaken Shri Ganesha within us. There is Shri Ganesha already existing In you; as innocence and it cannot be lost, Shri Ganesha is an eternal being.

To keep this Ganesh always shining within us, is to remember that you were made in the same pattern as Shri Ganesha.

His kundalini, his pure desire is on his stomach. It is significant to understand this. It means that he need not have to conquer the temptations of Mooladhara. He is also beyond temptations of food, power etc. Because His stomach represents absolute abandonment and freedom. He is not worried about his looks. Shri Ganesha accepts it. The head of the elephant suggests that HE is not like a human being who develops ego & super-ego. He is all the time one with the Divine. He accepts his body, his head, & everything that he is made of. He is what He is because He is a satisfied soul. The Kundalini on the stomach shows a completely self contented, satisfied personality of Shri Ganesha. When you have all the powers with you, you know you are powerful. Then you don’t hanker after all these things & you dont make an impression on others.

As you are created in the same image of Shri Ganesha you have to understand that you have to accept whatever God has given you

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