Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nataraja Guru

Nataraja Guru was the 2nd boy birthed to a medical stalwart addressed, doctor. Palpu (Padmanabhan) who had been educated and civilized in England. His living was devoted to serve the cause of the deprived billions who were socially, culturally, economically and literally struggling in the nineteenth and twentieth centreds.

Natarajan was shown how to toe the spiritual path of pilgrim's journey early in life by Narayana Guru, who also inspired him to be an educator of his contemporaries. Nataraja Guru was academically educated in Geology, Zoology and Educational psychological science. He received his DLitt from the Sorbonne in Paris and started his career in 1930 as a physics teacher for five years at the International Fellowship School in Geneve, Switzerland. Later he built Narayana Gurukula, contemplative educational centers in India, the first of which was in Fernhill, Nilgiris.

Incorporating ancient wiseness with advanced scientific exactness was accepted up as his life's mission. He clearly enunciated a common epistemology of all life interests of people to liberate themselves from social complexities and live their natural assess visions. The Narayana Gurukulas which he accomplished in many countries of the world create a network of islands of good cheer and redressal in the vast ocean of confusion and lack of direction.
His many Good Book* in English language, French and Malayalam comprise a good probe into the basic principle of life so that the reader can simplify his or her own problems of domestic entanglements and clouded value vision. They're guides to gaining methodological efficiency in attaining the higher truth that can bring excellence in life. Nataraja Guru died in 1973.

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