Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vilwamangalam swamiyar

Vilwamangalam Swamiyar was a great Brahmin saint who lived during the middle of 17th century in Kerala. He was such an ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayoorappan that he is said to have the ability to actually see the lord whenever he wanted. Even though he is a Keralite, his fame as a poet had spread through the entire country. There are some claims as to the birth place of Swamiyar. Bengalis believe that the he was born in Bengal while Oriyans believe in Orissa. But the fact implies that he belongs to the Panniyoor village of Kerala State. “Sreekrishna Karnaamritham” is his devotional masterpiece, wrote under an unspecified name "Leelaasukan". Vilwamangalam was very active in setting up several famous temples in Kerala such as Thiruvaarppu, and Cherthala Kaarthiaayani. It is believed that he attained Samadhi at Vilwamangalam Shri Krishna Swamy Temple
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