Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nayanan swami

Marutwamala, a hill near kanyakumari fomous for herbals

Nayanan swami, avadoodha in kanyakumari

This is a short description of an avadoodha, who lived in kanyakumari in 1980’s.Since no clear information available of the avadoodha ( self realized yogi pretends to be mad or childish) Nayanan swami, this is part adapted from Swami paramatmananda’s ( sri matha amrithanandamayi’s senior discipline, incharge of amma’s American asram centre ) autobiography.part2.Amma meets with Nayanan swami on her way with disciplines to kanyakumari. On the way to kanyakumari they stayed near Marutwamala, a hill place famous for herbals. It was heard that there is a yogi named Nayanan swami, amma decided to visit him.After some enquiries they found the yogis place.In swami paramatmanandas words-After reaching the yogis place, amma and us entered his room, There was mere light in that room.We saw an old man sitting on the floor by spitting on the wall!!.Someone there said to us that the yogi had his bath before ten years!!By seeing him in such an uncleaned manner, for us It is easy to believe.

Amma sat next to him, it was unexpected, that the yogi hit on ammas face, we all felt shocked and got anger, but amma told us to stay cool. The yogi scolded me in a language only known to him!!.We all were eager to get out of there, but our amma stayed there for about 20minutes, After leaving him in his room amma told us that he was in the super most blissful state.At first We were not able to believe ammas words super most state!! May be he is mad!!. Amma said that a person in that state can only be identified by another one, who also in the same state.We all thought that, if that was the supreme state, we don’t need that.

After meeting another yogini mayi amma in kanyakumari, we started our way back to asram, On the way we reached nayanan swami’s place, suddenly we saw the yogi standing on the road as he was waiting for us!. Amma said to stop the vehicle, The thought of going back to him made us uncomfortable.Again we entered his room, yogi was sitting in the same place. Amma sat near to him, we all prepared to see another shock!.Amma started to touching his feet and she herself started moving.The yogi was calm this time and was watching amma silently.Tears were flowing from ammas eyes, we watched all this in curiosity.

All of a sudden amma entered in kalis form, started dancing showing mudra, we all amazed by watching this all.We had no idea what was happening.After sometime Amma came back from that state, she was in eternal bliss. Nayanan swami said YOUR SON!! YOUR SON!!, by looking at the boy with us ( it was true that the boy, shakthiprasad was born to his parents in blessings of amma!! ).From this we came to know that he was not mad as he seems to be. He knew everything.After leaving the yogi, we continued our journey.On the way amma explained what was happened.In ammas words, Nayanan swami knew who am I, and was willing to see me in kali bhava, so it was for him amma entered in kali’s state.Amma said that he was a self realized yogi and not a mad man. Avadoodha is named to a yogi in supermost blissful state and always pretends to be mad or childish. Amma says they are not mad people and their activities will have an internal meaning known only by a self realized yogi.

Another story related to nayanan swami, once swami gave a coin to one of his disciplines and asked to keep it life time, the man who got blessed with the coin became rich!

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