Saturday, May 30, 2009

Naranath Bhranthan

Naranath Branthan (The madman of Naranam,one of 12 children of vararuchi) He was a divine person, a Jeevan Mukhta(self realised) who pretended to be mad(many inner meanings in their activity). His chief activity consisted of rolling a big stone up a hill and then letting it fall back down. Unlike sisyphus, he acted on his own volition rather than under the influence of a curse. There is a large statue of Naranath in palakkad district of Kerala where he is believed to have lived.

Naranathu Branthan was born as the son of Vararuchi, the famous astrologer who adorned the court of King Vikramadithya. Naranathu Branthan was one among the twelve offsprings or the Parayi petta panthirukulam, of Vararuchi and was brought up in the Naranathu Mangalathu Mana, situated at Chethallur inPalakkad. Branthan came to Thiruvegappura for mastering 'Vedas'. Thiruvegappura and the nearby Rayiranelloor Maountain, which is known as 'Branthachalam', became his usual abode. Due to his strange behavior and odd activities, people perceived him as 'mad'. At Rayiranellor Mountain he had the vision of the Devi (Goddess), and later for the benevolence of the people he enshrined Devi in the Mountain and started his worship there. No clear descriptions have yet been received of Naranath's last days.

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