Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who is Hindu

Why it is known as sanathana dharma?
Sanathana word means ( according to Bhagavath geetha) the one which cannot be destroyed by any method and the one which is ever existing in everything which is immovable and non perishable is the sanaathanam. So this dharma is ever existing and it cannot be destroyed . So it is sanaathanam.

who created hinduism?
Thousands of Rishies, during the course of thousands of years could formulate a perfect style/way of thinking and practicing various aspects and concepts in the life. Those are codified as the customs and rituals or in short acharas. These acharas combined together form the dharma . Dharma is the way of life. So Hinduism is the way of life.

Why it is said that Hinduism is not a religion?
It is not created by an individual / prophet/ Rishi . So it is not the opinion (matham) or advise of an individual. So it is not a religion. It is the contribution of thousands of Rishies.

How are hindus defined?
Aa sindo sindu paryantham yasya bhartha bhoomikam maathru bhoo pitru bhoo schaiva sa vai hindu riti smruthaa:
Those who consider and respect the country which extends from Indus valley ( sindu river ) upto Indian ocean as their motherland, father land or holy land, they are the Hindus. ( all those consider Bhratham as their own mother/father/holy land they are the Hindus)

Who is Hindu ? 
The puraanas tell thatHimalayam samaarabhya yaavath indu sarovaram tham deva nirmitham desam hindustanam prachakshathey. The nation which starts from Himalayas and ends in Indian ocean and which is created by the god is known as Hindustanam. And those who are living there are Hindus.
Who were/ are the Aryans ?
The word Aryan does not mean any race or a group of people. It only means the scholarly people. You know arya vaidya sala, aryaavartham, aryavepu, aryaputra all meant for ‘scholarly’ meaning. During the last days of Maxmuller ,he too commented strongly that, Aryan word has got nothing to do with a race. In Vedas there are a number of places where the Arya word is used as “krunvantho viswam aryam = let us make the world a glorious one. "Srunvanthu viswe amruthasya putraa aaye dhamaani divyaani thasthu = the children of immortals, Let us come together and chant the great songs. Here too the message is Arya. Every wife , in olden days, use to call her husband of royal family as aryaputra.
Hindu culture

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